Autochek Africa is an Automotive Technology development company that builds solutions aimed at enabling and enhancing commerce within the automotive sector. They are focused on solutions that improve access to Auto loans, quality maintenance /after sales services, warranty solutions, and transactional marketplaces.

The ongoing partnership between Atiat Insurance Brokers and Autochek is a collaboration chiefly driven by the need to provide ease and security to the public in the aspect of vehicle ownership. Atiat Insurance Brokers (AIB) is licensed by NAICOM and is also a key member of NCRIB.  Utilizing technology, AIB mediates between Autochek and the insurance provider to buy plans that guarantee that clients may enjoy their cars without experiencing future inconveniences. Benefits of this motor insurance include:

  1. Personal accident cover
  2. Compensation for loss due to car accident
  3. Compensation for loss due to theft
  4. Coverage for third party property damage
  5. Compensation for loss or damage to personal effects
  6. Towing charges
  7. Coverage for medical expenses
  8. Free installation of tracker (for vehicle whose value is N5m & above)
  9. Coverage for Injury & death to third party

Financial security is offered by motor insurance in the case of unforeseen occurrences thereby, lessening the financial strain on the policyholder by helping to pay for the costs of repair or replacement.

This partnership primarily relies on AIB’s expertise in determining the best insurance coverage for Autochek’s motor insurance policy. As follow-up, the Nigerian Insurance Industry Database (NIID) system is used to guarantee that every vehicle is uploaded, avoiding any unpleasant interactions with the approved Law Enforcement Agencies.

AIB also offers claims support to policyholders in order to ensure that policyholders have access to the necessary expert help during the procedure. Overall, this collaboration between Autochek and Atiat Insurance Brokers serves as a reminder of the importance of trust and reliability in the sustainability of resourceful partnerships.